14 September 2020

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  • Webinar ICSA Academy

    "Excellent Attitude for Corporate Secretary"

    28 September 2020

  • ASEAN Corporate Secretaries Network (ACSN)

    2nd Webinar 2020

    Future of the board -

    "How the role of the Company Secretaries will evolve?"

    29 September 2020

  • Step by Step

    Sustainability Reporting For Corporate Secretary

    30 September, 1 & 2 October 2020

  • Fellow Corporate Secretaries,


    ICSA Academy is a well-structured and comprehensive education program for corporate secretaries as corporate governance officers to enhance and strengthen their corporate roles, in order to govern, care and contribute to the nation.


    See you at the workshop !


    Hardijanto Saroso

    Chairman of ICSA

  • The Handbook of Indonesia Corporate Secretary

  • The CG Officer Workshop Series Batch 7


  • ICSA - 1st International Conference on Good Corporate Governance

    November 2nd - 3rd 2017