Tanggal : 2015-09-14

July 2015

Towards Better Governance of Issuers and Public Companies

Indonesia Corporate Secretaries stepped into a new era. Last year Indonesia FSA announced several new regulations that come into effect this year. As a follow up on the Indonesia Corporate Governance Roadmap on January 2014, OJK (Financial Services Authority) has issued four Regulations in November 2014 in relation to Protection of Shareholders (Regulation on General Meeting of Shareholders for Public Companies), Role of Stakeholders (Regulation on Company Secretary of Issuers or Public Companies), Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors (including regulation on Committee of Nomination and Remuneration for Issuers and Public Companies). Other regulations related to Corporate Governance Framework, Protections of Shareholders, Role of Stakeholders, Transparency of Information, and Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners (BOC) and Board of Directors (BOD) will be issued on the second semester of 2015.

With this regulation, we will increase the level of transparency, initiate a greater level of responsibilities to our stakeholders, promote company’s accountabilities, through balance and fair consideration in all company’s management and action.  Most of investor will start to acknowledge the improvement of many public listed website. According to the new regulation, Indonesia Public Listed Companies have to publish any corporate action and material information to their websites. All shareholders are going to find the easiness in getting company’s information.

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